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We cannot stress enough to business owners just how important social media marketing can be to their retention, growth and profits.

You have been told over and over again by other business owners of the importance of social media. They have even brought up examples of how it has had a significant impact on their business. Deep down you know it can do the same for your business. But you have little time to manage your social media accounts. Maybe you’re managing your accounts but not seeing the impact those other businesses are talking about.

In either case, perhaps it’s time to source it out.

smm audit and strategy

Before a social media strategy is developed; we do in an depth analysis of your current efforts. Once this is done we learn more about your market and what social networks they might be using. From there a strategy is set in place to improve your business’s social media presence.

observing social media

Chances are good people are out there talking about the products and services you offer. For each business we develop a list of keywords that relate to the products or services they sell. Then we search to see if those keywords are coming up in conversations on platforms like Twitter.

social media content posting

Providing valuable content to your social media followers is a must. This is the biggest way to stand out. With each business we sit down and create a content strategy that will provide value and help you stand out from your competitors.

social media engagement

Many businesses fail to engage their followers. This is what holds them back from creating a vibrant community full of loyal customers. If you’re looking for likes, shares, re-tweets or comments, you need to develop engaging updates.

smm community building strategy

You want to get your business in front of more people. The only way to do that is to grow. We’ll develop a strategy to grow your social networks so you can increase your awareness and sales.

smm monitoring

Review sites like Yelp and Google Places let everyone have a voice. We monitor those pages closely to ensure that negative reviews are responded to promptly. We also create a list of keywords and phrases people might use to talk about your business, product, or service, to identify potential conversation opportunities.

blog setup and copywriting

Blogs were the first social media platform. They’re also a great way to attract potential clients to your site by distributing blog posts through our search engine optimization and social media marketing services. We’ll create a strategy to help you attract those clients who are out there looking for useful information when it comes to your products or services.

We often get the question as to why we don't provide the pricing for our Social Media Marketing services on our website.  The simple answer is that every business has unique circumstances and needs that require a customized approach for each client.

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