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Xposure CMD are also De Novo bank consultants specializing in assisting De Novo community banks, and its Board of Directors to navigate the tedious application process when trying to form the bank.

The Board of Directors for a community bank in formation requires the expertise of consultants in a number of areas. At Xposure CMD, we provide the board services that range from communication technology for conducting their meetings, software solutions to securely streamline document workflow and project management, to strategic planning and stock sales marketing support.

Since the economic crises of 2008, creation and approval of new banks has come to a screeching halt. Since 2008 only one new charter has been granted and there are 4 more that are estimated to be in various stages of the application process. Establishing new community banks is essential to growing the small businesses of America.

However, it is a process and must be completed correctly. The regulators have established specific criteria and standards necessary for approval. The need to maintain security with the board’s internal communications, projects, and meetings is essential to minimizing the risks and time to complete the application process. Additionally, a board must be concerned with document collaboration, director education curriculum, and the creation of marketing materials for the stock offering process.

Xposure CMD’s experiences, services, solutions and processes address essential needs of a board, while working with both your directors, and any third-party groups you may be working with, to provide efficient and professional completion of the application.

Here are some typical responsibilities we are contracted for...

  • • Filings and updates with state corporation commissions
  • • Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation
  • • Director Education Curriculum
  • • Secure setup of communication tools for director meetings
  • • Secure document collaboration software solutions to maximize efficiency while keeping maximum security
  • • De Novo Bank website design and development for 'proposed' and 'in organization' stages of the application process
  • • Branding strategy & visual identity graphic design (logo, letterhead, business cards, etc)
  • • Stock offering investor deck design
  • • Stock offering marketing materials (print and digital)
  • • Email setup and management
  • • Investor events

Since every Board of Directors will have their own unique set of circumstances and needs, we recommend you submit a request for a free consultation to learn more.