Brett Emrich Salisbury, Xposure CMD

About Xposure CMD

Brett Salisbury is the sole proprietor of Xposure Consulting, Marketing & Design, specializing in marketing strategy consulting, search engine optimization, graphic design and web UI development. Utilizing both traditional marketing and digital marketing, Brett has been driving the brand awareness and sales of his employers, clients and companies for nearly 20 years.

Blessed with the unique abilities and experience in developing and executing the majority of marketing methods, Brett is able to provide businesses the expertise and services that ordinarily require multiple professionals or vendors.

Brett started his professional career by starting a regional golf publication for the Central and Northern California regions. He has served as a Marketing Director in the lighting industry, digital advertising space, and owner of two of his own marketing and design businesses. As owner of his first business, Preferred Marketing Strategies, Brett served as an SEO Consultant to a major motion picture company and traveled from London to Dubai on behalf of his clients as a trade show consultant.

In 1998, Brett recognized the opportunities the web search engines would create and how the future of marketing would change in the next decade; consequently, he's been deeply involved in search engine optimization from the beginning and earned the reputation of providing sensible and affordable SEO solutions and consulting for businesses of all sizes.

Besides being a successful athlete, Brett has always had a creative itch. Having gone to college when the internet, web design and development were all virtually ignored in college studies, Brett drew from both his ongoing love to learn and creative skill sets to become a successful self-taught web designer and UI developer.

As a De Novo Bank Consultant, Brett provides a wide range of services for bank boards as they navigate the application and public offering process. Xposure Consulting provides De Novo's web development for their application and investment phases, corporate identity design, marketing strategy and development, as well as, business administrative support. Currently Brett is also working with 3 bank boards providing paralegal support with Articles of Incorporation, bi-laws, policies, business plan, and prospectus.

Brett has served on boards for the Tanager Foundation and Sequoia Riverlands Trust, and while born in Northern California, he has come to settle down in the beloved State of Arizona where his mother and father, Leslie and Jack also reside.

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